Round coffee table
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Round coffee table

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The 36 inch round table provides a spacious space for the living room supplies, so that your daily supplies can be reached. You can put some books and small vases on the table for decoration.


About this product features

About this item

The top of our round shaped coffee table is made of medium density fiberboard, an environmentally friendly P2 particleboard. Waterproof and wear-resistant, multi-step treatment process, both beautiful and durable. The thick matte alloy legs are enough to support the coffee table.


Round shape coffee table

High quality surface treatment can enhance the natural beauty of the table. The simple structure creates a charming look and feel. Perfect for your personal taste and interior decoration. It can be matched with any style of living room, whether your living room is simple decoration or luxury decoration.


Easy to assemble

Easy assembly in 15-30 minutes. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.



Easy to maintain

They are very easy to maintain and there is no need to buy special washing products. Dip a clean towel in water and gently wipe it.


How big should the round coffee table be?

The coffee table has no fixed size. They should depend on the size of the space. You need it to be big enough to have practical value, but not big enough to occupy too much space or dominate your living room.


How to decorate the round coffee table?


It depends on the size of your coffee table and the overall style of your living space. If you have adopted a minimalist approach, you may want to keep your desktop clean. But you can also decorate your tea table with reference books, candles and other decorations.

Are you looking for a nice round coffee table for your living room? It is a ideal furniture to decor your room. If you are interested in these features above mentioned, welcome to contact us.


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